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One way to ride

Do you need to get somewhere but you don’t have a car? You can use the app’s browser and look for the ride that gets you closer to your destination. Do you own a car, use it frequently and want to save some money? Tomate allows you to create a ride with a starting and finishing spot, so anyone else who needs to travel between those can contact you. In this way, the person who owns the car can take full advantage of the remaining seats while saving money and the one who doesn’t can travel faster and better.

Client Tomate Carpooling
Industry Community
Areas Design and development
Year 2018

Apps development

Tomate Carpooling was a great challenge for us. Every team in the company was involved in this project. From developing the feature that identifies the most suitable ride for each search, to defining the way in which users communicate, each stage was approached and accomplished by every member of our team.

One way to ride
After brainstorming together with our client, we came up with a list of names for the project. “Tomate” won and it became the name for the app that connects people who need a ride. Tomate is simple and easy to remember. Once the name was defined, we set out to find the look and feel that matched. We worked on California-style red/orange gradients. The logo consists of several connected dots spinning around a circle, a cross-reference to the users’ shared rides.
Having two types of users (someone that wants to join a ride or someone who is offering a ride) meant facing the challenge of creating a UX suitable for each of them. With that in mind, they were built separately so that each type of user can understand it easily. The Home page shows the last published rides ordered by proximity and a browser to find rides more quickly. This is an app with several gadgets that include the number of available seats, the possibility of joining or leaving a trip, contacting other users, rating every ride, knowing the users’ rating, etc. It is a software that allows users to feel more confident about their trip partners.
Since the project was already alive within a WhatsApp chat, some tests were carried out with that group members as we advanced with the development stages. This allowed us to correct many mistakes, improve UI or UX related issues and to validate the product in real life.

Constant evolution

Since the world of technology and relationships continues to evolve, Tomate Carpooling is looking for continuous improvement. We analyse the app usability, take into account the users’ feedback and look for improvements and new features to boost the product and make it available for more and more people.

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