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CambioPosadas is an enterprise that invested in technology. They understood that they needed to innovate for their business to grow. It is the first Argentinian currency exchange office that allows its users to buy foreign currencies online directly from their website or app. You can find the exchange rates online, compare prices and purchase from a range of 30 different currencies. We are proud to be part of this innovative project.

Client Cambio Posadas
Industry Finance
Areas Design and development
Year 2018

Apps development

Our client’s main goal was to become the first Argentinian currency exchange digital platform. To achieve this, we developed an iOS and Android app in React Native to be able to reach almost 100% of Argentina’s mobile market. Users can find the exchange rates, compare between different currencies and make a purchase right from their houses.

Digital change is possible
In order for a currency exchange office to become digital, we needed to outline some stages. First, we broke the ice with a digital board to motivate the users to adapt to the platform. It was mainly an app where you could find the exchange rates of a lot of currencies, compare them with other exchange offices and create alerts to be informed of any changes. The next stage was to add the core functionality of the product: make a purchase from the app. In this way, users can now choose which currency they want to buy, the one they are going to pay with, check the total amount and make the purchase.
We were aware that the product needed to go beyond the phone’s screen, so we developed a web page with the app’s same features. In this way, you can make a purchase anywhere right from your phone or from your office’s computer.
In order to improve the product, we keep on doing research. We don’t settle with our final work. We want to enhance it, make it available for even more users and keep it always updated.

Constant evolution

CambioPosadas is a constantly evolving project. Aiming to become the best digital currency exchange office, we are always looking for new features, new designs, new goals and to be at the leading edge of digital finance.

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